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Rsync copy engine for ultracopier

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Copy engine rsync

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This plugin can be added to all version of Ultracopier (ultimate or free). To add: generals options, plugins, add a plugins (more informations at

To be used, you can define it at first priority in the general options (by click on copy engine) or use it via right click on system tray icon.

Rsync copy engine for ultracopier is copy engine to do like rsync. It transform your ultracopier into rsync + GUI. The folder of destination is munipuled to have same content of the source folder (remove/add if needed), and transfer only the modified files. It's very usefull for the backup.

This copy engine in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version have warranty of be tested in lot of case. But in any case have warranty about data security, or other way of warranty. We sell only the file to download (virtual store only), no version box sold (in real life). Have no DRM, the code is under GPL3, buy to support Ultracopier.

You need unpack the main archive, the archive of you cpu (or generic), and overwrite existing files of ultracopier (in version normal) with this files. In this pack you have (only windows plugins is tested) for Ultracopier

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